Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in Sydney but at least twice a year in Europe and shooting anywhere in Australia. I'm happy to travel for your destination wedding outside of my overseas itinerary, so don't hesitate to reach out and enquire for quotes.  You can find my current travel dates on the contact page pop-up. There are certain locations overseas that I would love to tick off my list and offer discounts based on the overall vision (eg. Amangiri in Utah; Greece, Southern France etc.), so get in touch!

From April 2025, we'll be re-locating to Europe - taking selected bookings in Australia November 2025 to February the following year. Outside of these months you'll also be able to book us, however please be aware that international travel fees will incur. 


What's the booking process?

Fill out the contact form first! You can expect a reply within 48 hrs, however feel free to reach out again if there is not an answer within this timeframe and do check your spam folder as well. Once we've ironed out the details, I'll send you a contract which you will need to sign and I also require a 25% non-refundable deposit for both Australian and international weddings. If you need to reschedule due to an emergency eg. in the family, I'll do my best to find a solution with you!


Should we meet up beforehand and during the planning stages?

Yes! I'd love to meet you in person! Whether it's in the evening for a drink or midday for lunch + coffee is entirely up to you. If the circumstances don't allow or the distance between us is too great for a meetup, then let's set up a Zoom call and we'll get to know each other that way. It's important for me to have a little connection with you and it positively impacts my ability to capture your day in a special and stress-free way. If you're local to Sydney, I will always be available for in-person meetings to eg. refine your timeline or discuss art direction and vendors. 


How and when do we get our images?

You'll receive a small preview of around 6-10 photos within 48 hours. 6-8 weeks after the event, depending on the workload at the time and how many images there are to edit, you'll get an online gallery and selected fine art prints delivered to your door. There might be times when the final delivery is delayed due to either travel or a high volume of weddings - in this case, we'll inform you ahead of time and deliver a bigger preview gallery. 


How many photos will we receive?

I believe in quality over quantity and have always been shooting with intent. I want to remain in full control over the images and do not want to outsource any part of my process, which means every image will receive my full attention and care. I'll slightly retouch blemishes and remove any unwanted distractions in the frame.  So for a standard 8hr wedding reportage, it'd be around 450 (so roughly 50+ images per hour covered) selected and edited photos. This of course varies depending on the guest list and scale - if there's a lot happening on the day and many guests attending, it might be significantly more. If it's an elopement, civil marriage or event with not many scheduled activities, guests or long speeches it might be a smaller number.


Any advices for booking and planning?

I recommend to make a priority list and focusing on what's the most important aspects of your day to keep in line with your budget.  Book your venue and photographer first if you don't have a planner involved, otherwise the planner comes first of course, as well as catering. For more wedding inspiration such as styling, dresses / suits, designers and hair + makeup ideas check out the Pinterest boards: @alta__studio. Pinterest can be very helpful to visualise your ideas, especially if you have stylists and planners involved. And lastly: create a day that feels truly authentic and in line with your personalities - if that means ditching traditions (such as a bouquet, speeches, a traditional program), I highly recommend doing so. 


How important are the locations for a wedding?

Something important to understand, especially when you have reference images or certain expectations, is your locations will determine the overall look of your gallery later on. It definitely makes a big difference if you choose a beautiful getting-ready location with thoughtful details, a decluttered space and flattering light. You could for example rent a stylish house or apartment via airbnb or riparide with big windows and plenty of space. As for the ceremony, it's important to note that direct midday sun can be unflattering (and very hot in summer) if it's held outdoors - so planning in shade or providing guests with eg. fashionable sun umbrellas or fans will make everyone much more comfortable. Every single choice and addition - even entertainment for your guests - on your day will reflect later on in the images. 


Do you offer couple sessions or portraits?

Please get in touch with me if you'd like portraits taken of you or are interested in a couple session. I usually prefer taking portraits in-studio and couple sessions can be arranged on location or in studio as well. This comes with a studio rental fee and you can add makeup + styling if you wish to. My concepts are either creative and editorial or simply documenting you with your loved one on a stroll through the city. It always starts with a consultation, ideas and me creating a moodboard based on your vision.


What's included in your pricing / quotes?

A lot of factors play a role in ALTA's pricing. Zoom calls or preferably in-person meetups before the wedding which includes support in planning + logistics and art direction,  potential travel costs and accommodation for both shooters (a second shooter / assistant will be present whenever there is a bigger wedding of 80+ guests), and the cost of shooting a substantial amount of film itself. We're not just adding on a couple of rolls, you can expect to have a split of at least 60% film and 40% digital images. Then of course there's also the time invested on the day and the time spent afterward culling / editing and professional retouching, as well as selected fine art prints that will be sent to you - no matter where you live. A boutique service requires effort, time and love, which is reflected in our quotes. 


Film is included in all of ALTA's packages - why and what's so special about it?

Film is a big part of ALTA's identity and is a more intentional approach, which is why it's included in your coverage and why there's always going to be a second shooter for weddings with a significant number of guests (to capture important moments digitally when the main shooter can't). Honestly, it's like comparing a handwritten note to someone sending you an email. It's  all the imperfections you might get and a certain look that you simply can't achieve with digital files.


What's your approach and shooting style?

ALTA is the choice for couples who want a photographer that doesn't feel like a traditional wedding photographer + would like intimate images that don't necessarily follow rules. I would consider myself predominantly a documentary-style shooter who captures your day as it unfolds, whilst celebrating with you and your guests. I prefer keeping the images honest and relaxed, while not spending too much time on staged family portraits and group photos and rather focusing on the moments in-between. The way I take images is very intuitive and I don't like following trends such as unnecessary blur.

I also do love to get a little creative with compositions when it comes to your photos as a couple or individually (think Wes Anderson) and add a twist of fashion and flash usage to the portrayal of the day. 


Do you offer albums?

I do not offer traditional albums. I do offer a contemporary, fashion-inspired coffee table book which is currently in the prototype stage. To keep the cost reasonable, you can decide between either a black or beige colour theme and four different layouts on a buttery soft vegan leather cover, with your embossed details. I will select the best images and you can approve or alter in a revision. Once you're happy with it, we'll send it off for production to an outstanding printer in Europe!


Will you retouch our images?

It's standard in the fashion industry to lightly retouch blemishes and dark circles or in general anything that might be too unflattering. Unless you tell me not to, this is by default included in my services, particularly for close-up shots and portraits of you and your partner! I want you to feel beautiful and content, and you don't hire a professional photographer often. The retouching will always be minimal, never unnatural and is done as it would be for a campaign. ALTA also removes any unwanted objects from pictures.