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Founded by a creative spirit with a background in fashion and art, ALTA is more than just a photography service — it's an artistic journey.

During the wedding planning process, we offer expert guidance and tailored recommendations for vendors, venues, and timelines. Our goal is to redefine wedding photography by providing a boutique experience for stylish couples, centered on the pillars of quality, care, and intention. 

We gently guide you through the day itself, ensuring a stress-free and authentic experience. At ALTA Studio, we believe in meaningful connections, both with our clients and their guests and family. We capture genuine emotions, creating photographs that tell a story and stand the test of time.


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Sarah Astner

Born and raised in Munich, Sarah now resides in Sydney with her partner and two cats. She spent years studying art and illustration before turning to photography. Her work integrates influences from the art world, architecture, and cinema.

With the focus also being on fashion and commercial work, Sarah has had the opportunity to gain experience on sets alongside notable Australian photographers. This has allowed her to refine her technical skills and creative direction, which seamlessly translates to her work in weddings. Her compositions tell compelling stories, inviting viewers on a visual voyage and showcasing the world as she sees it.

Sarah Astner